Esther Bramlett LMT


Esther Bramlett, 2019 Photography by Joe Lucky

Esther Bramlett, 2019
Photography by Joe Lucky

About Esther

   Esther Bramlett has been a practicing bodyworker since 2012. She graduated with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of San Francisco in 2012 and received a license from the McKinnon School of Massage in Oakland, CA the following fall. She also has over 1,000 massage education hours. Esther specializes in clinical deep tissue and sports massage. As a certified YRT Vinyasa yoga instructor, she incorporates yogic philosophy and exercises into her treatments. Her business is located at Buda Health Center alongside Dr. Jeff Clark. Esther's passion for achieving ease and efficiency in her own physical training ties seamlessly into her goals of enabling her clients to experience ease and harmony within their own bodies whether they be athletes or non-athletes.


Whats the fuzz?!

This fun, educational video produced by quirky anatomist Gil Hedley P.h.D explains the fascinating workings of Fascia in layman's terms. Fascia is a thin sheath of fibrous tissue enclosing a muscle and organs that permeates throughout our entire body, and is the main focus area for treatment in massage therapy. This exploration of fascia is what we Bodyworkers call "exploring inner space". The continuous pursuit of understanding how to correct imbalances within the relationships of the deep layers of fascia, organs, bones and muscle is my passion in life. If you need a short answer to the question, "Why should I try massage? What good will it do me?" This video is for you!